Monday, 23 December 2013

Don't be frustrated, be ready!

Workplace frustration can get to the best of us. When faced with a lack of sources, difficulty accessing critical information and inability to make effective searches, employees often become  frustrated. This in turn leads to a lack of engagement and low workplace productivity.

Providing your employees with the right tools to access the information and resources they need is absolutely essential to ensuring that your workforce remains high-performing and motivated. More importantly, having the right information allows your employees to unleash their creativity and strategic thinking, which can have a net benefit result for your business. 

Recent statistics show that nearly one third of employees consider that they do not have the right tools, resources and information to be able to successfully do their job. Put the right tools in your employees' hands today and help them contribute more to your company. There are a number of simple things you can do to avoid employee frustration. 

Tools for task completion

Your employees deserve easy, real-time access to data and analytics, anywhere and at any time. The ability to get remote access of company data can allow your employees to develop strategies, review and evaluate tactics and offer insights on your business. The right programs and software infrastructure provide the latest information relevant to your company, saving your employees both time and effort in conducting inefficient searches. The less time your employees waste trying to locate the right information, the more time they have to dedicate to productive tasks that profit your business. This results in higher performance, and can take away much of the frustration associated with the lack of information. 

Looking for the right tools for your employees? Check out our business intelligence dashboards

Bottom-up accountability

Frustration is contagious, and can spread throughout your organisation, causing workplace conflicts and health and safety hazards. Allow your employees to air their concerns and raise issues about what they consider to be lacking in their current work environment. Regardless of whether they are entry-level or part of senior management, each employee should be held accountable for their performance at work.

Providing the processes for employees to identify the source of their frustration can be a good opportunity for the business to remove some barriers to productivity and raise employee satisfaction. While many businesses face increasingly tight budgets, finding ways for your workforce to perform more productively is critical to your bottom line.

Honest conversations

Do not let annual performance reviews be the only time your employees communicate with management about their job. Developing appropriate and effective communication strategies across all levels of your company can lift employee engagement and help them realise and evaluate the role they play in the business. Management should continue to have regular and frank conversations with employees that clarify expectations, set goals and priorities, and address any concerns and issues raised by all parties. 

Achieve your employees' full potential by giving them the right tools and strategies in the first quarter o 2014. We have a range of software options by inspHire to  provide you with the latest and most relevant data for your business to succeed. Don't settle for an under-performing or equipped workforce. Empower your employees with intuitive 20/20 dashboards. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level in 2014, contact us today!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Secret history of your machinery

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average age of a company's machinery and equipment that is currently in operation in the US is close to 20 years. This is double what it used to be in 1980.

In Australia, the case is no different. Equipment maintenance and upgrade has been a topic seldom discussed or considered in day-to-day business decision-making. With the manufacturing sector facing increasing difficulties in the current business environment, Australian companies are putting off equipment upgrades and investing less in equipment and machinery. This has two major implications for your business' productivity and profitability. 

Ageing Assets 

Even the best of equipment and machinery will experience a degree of deterioration over time. The productivity of your machinery will decrease with age. This might result in more downtime for your business, with all the costs associated with planned and unplanned maintenance. Increased production costs means lesser profit margins, which can bear serious consequences for the success of your business. 

Fortunately, this problem could be easily managed through a tracking software that keeps tabs on your equipment maintenance over time. This would allow each plant with the necessary programs installed to stay up-to-date with maintenance schedules for key machinery and operational assets. 

Many companies that tried to cut costs by not setting up the right programs for maintenance tracking have paid the price later on, as they struggle to manually keep track of their machinery's condition. 

Secondly, ageing equipment will often fail at the first sign of of increased manufacturing activity when the business takes a turn for the better. An increase in manufacturing volume can put the capacity of your company's older equipment to test and seriously shorten the lifespan of your existing equipment. 

The older the equipment, the more obvious its degradation and flaws. This may have a trickle effect on your business, preventing your employees from operating effectively, causing delays in your manufacturing processes and increasing customer dissatisfaction. To keep machinery costs low and profit margins high, it is important that companies ensure their equipment is appropriately maintained and have in place a system to track and monitor maintenance and upkeep processes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

A proactive future

Moving forward, Australian companies will need to get proactive about their machinery maintenance and upkeep. Keeping ageing equipment in good shape and optimum condition requires your investment in the right software system to monitor machinery maintenance and extend your equipment's lifespan. 

inspHire’s rental software can help you reevaluate your maintenance and upkeep programs, and devise an overall maintenance strategy and execution plan for the future. Having an overarching maintenance strategy in place, your business can keep up your productivity, and remain competitive in difficult economic conditions. It also means that any future purchases of machinery can be effectively integrated into the business processes so you truly get value for money for your investment. 

Contact us today to learn how inspHire rental software can help your company track asset maintenance!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Do you know how much your business equipment really costs you?

Do you know how much your business equipment really costs you?

We are not talking simply about the costs listed on colourful, glossy brochures, accompanied by professional photos and snappy advertising, but the costs associated with the reality of owning your equipment. Many companies discover once they've taken the plunge and invested in new equipment that the real costs of ownership can quickly add up. When a business has invested in heavy machinery or high tech equipment only to be faced with higher-than-expected costs, it can have serious consequences for the business’ budget and profitability.  

Unpleasant surprises

The worst kind of surprises are those involving business costs you did not anticipate. The various expenses for your rental fleet may include regular maintenance, repair, storage and transportation. Managing these costs can be a mammoth task filled with unpleasant surprises, which can have serious consequences for your company's operations.

Do you have a system set up to keep you updated and avoid unpleasant surprises? With the right software system, you can stay in the loop with upcoming equipment-related expenses such as maintenance fees, out-of-service notifications and "lost opportunity" costs alerts. 

Hidden costs

Many businesses fail to take into account the hiding costs of their equipment when making business decisions or balancing their annual budget. The expenses associated with depreciation, obsolescence and compliance can add up without you noticing.

Do you know if you own obsolete assets? How compliant is your business equipment with local regulations and industry standards? How much does it cost to train employees to use your equipment? And what are the expenses associated with disposing of your asset at the end of its lifecycle?

With the right software and information management system, you can track and report these items of costs and have the information available at your fingertips when you make business decisions. Knowing how much your equipment is really costing you will keep you well-informed and give you an edge over your competitors.

Budget better for your business today and give yourself more certainty over business costs. Contact inspHire today for your software solutions to track and manage your equipment costs.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Make the right decision using your business dashboard

To make the right decisions, you need the right data. More importantly, you need to be able to access that data in a fast, accurate, cost effective way. With the increasing prevalence of cloud and mobile technology, businesses are processing and accessing data in real time and using it in innovative ways.

Being able to access data and critical business information is only part of the story. Your company needs to be able to store information and display it in a simple, user-friendly and accessible way. Dashboards are an effective tool for this end. Having an effective dashboard can help your business operate and grow to its full potential. With the right software, your business dashboard can expand and adapt to your business growth, creating a positive impact on everyone from managers, employees to customers receiving your service.

Going mobile

Mobile technology allows your business to operate truly from anywhere, at any time. Its user-friendly, convenient and readily accessible features allow you to get the information you need whenever you need it.

As mobile technology develops, many spreadsheets, presentations and communication programs previously only available on PCs are now going mobile and offering the same level of quality on all your devices. Adopting this shift towards mobile accessibility will equip your company to make the right choices more quickly.

Changing with the times

Dashboards have evolved from a few basic keystrokes and mouse clicks to the modern day fully functioning touchscreen that can accompany you everywhere. As dashboards continue to evolve, hardware is becoming less and less relevant.

Features like language assistant allow your programs to recognise, process and act on the nuances of your voice. With the ability to access information on-the-go more readily and easily, virtual assistants can help you organise information for your searches and support you in your daily decision-making. There will no longer be a need to click the “help” button. To save time and take multitasking to a new level, just say the word and your wish is your software’s command.

Up in the air

Cloud technology is increasingly used in various industries to help businesses operate more efficiently, generate profits and create customer satisfaction. For your dashboard - the command centre of your business data - cloud computing has been a game changer.

A key feature of a good dashboard is its ability to stay connected at all times and present the latest, most up-to-date information. Cloud and mobile technology free you from being tied to your desk and computer hardware, and give you access to your data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. While you cannot physically see the cloud as you see your computer hardware, you can access your dashboard and be assured of the real-time results it delivers with the aid of cloud technology.

A panoramic view

A limited dashboard restricts your view of data. Some less powerful software offers only a small selection of options and probabilities, and provides you with only one or a few KPIs. This makes it difficult for you to contextualise your information in the bigger pictures and get a panoramic view of how your business is operating.

To see your information in a way that helps you make the right, well-informed decisions, you need a dashboard with a large interface capable of loading data from different sources. This helps you to visualise how different areas of your business work with each other and impact on each other’s performance, so that you have the complete picture to come to the right decision.

The optimum company dashboard might include the following special datasets:
  • News feeds
  • Social feeds
  • Diagnostic sources
  • Other departmental data
As the user, you have the flexibility to set up your dashboard to show only real-time data that is relevant to your needs. For optimum time efficiency, it is important to avoid clutter on your dashboard and the need to shift through unnecessary information. Better can be better, an expansive dashboard should still be one that is streamlined and adapted to specific business needs.

Our solution for you

For your company to continue to grow and succeed, you need to be able to make full use of the business data and information available to you. An effective, well-designed dashboard can provide support to your employees and customers in innovative ways. InspHire rental software provides you with a fast and intelligent information management strategy so that you have the support you need for your business in real-time.

Contact us today to learn more about our offers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for the latest in software solutions.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tips for running your business

Regardless of your company’s sector, size, goals or any other factors, certain principles of best practice are universal to business management. Adhering to these best practices should keep your business operating smoothly and in a good position to achieve your planned milestones. 

Invest in your people 

A well-run company is a team effort. In order for the whole team to achieve success, it is important to invest in the team members. Provide your employees with the best training from industry experts. Test their knowledge retention in performance review. Having a skilled and well-informed workforce is the surest way of providing high quality service and support to your customers. It also saves you both money and time in delivering efficiencies and high performance, while minimising problems caused by defective administration and service. Train your staff so that they have a complete understanding of their roles within the organisation, and provide them with the right tools and support so they feel at ease to ask questions and report any issues or weakness they have identified in their job. 

Communication is key

Communication is a two way street, and good communicators understand when it is about leading, and when it is time to listen. Successful companies listen to their clients, customers, and themselves. Well-informed customer service officers have a comprehensive understanding of the product they represent, and ensure that their customers get the answers they are looking for. Listening to clients and employees allows them to give valuable feedback on their experiences with your business’ products and services. This in turn provides your business with opportunities to identify strengths and weaknesses from a variety of perspectives and helps you formulate a business plan going forward. 

The flip side of communication is about being able to convey your ideas and expectations effectively and courteously, whether it is to your clients or internally. Misunderstandings and errors can cause serious problems in a professional relationship. Ensure that everyone in your organisation knows the appropriate contacts for their various needs, the different channels of communication on which they might be reached, and their hours of availability. 

Having the right tools to run your business

Other than a high performing workforce, you need to have the right equipment and an efficient means of tracking it. Our inspHire rental software allows you to streamline and manage your rental business processes in a highly efficient and effective way. This allows your employees to have on hand the right tools for their job, and provides your business with the right resources to best service your customers. 

Contact us today to find out how your rental software can help you best run your business.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Integrate your IT and business strategies in 2014

Integrating IT strategies into your overarching business goals can seem like a daunting task. However, the rewards are numerous - merging your IT and business strategies can benefit both your employees and customers. It allows you to operate your business more smoothly, increase your business efficiencies, and reach your overall business goals by the end of the year. 

Taking an IT-oriented approach to your business can inspire you to make the most of your IT resources to run a truly innovative, collaborative business, and create opportunities for learning and engagement.

Learning and Development

Change begins a process of teaching and learning. Keep yourself up to date with the latest tools and resources. Invest in your in-house skills by offering ongoing training, learning and development by industry leaders and experts. A good system of learning and development helps increase productivity and quality. When employees feel valued and engaged, they become more receptive to changes and upgrades to the business, and adopt new skills and procedures faster. 

Integrating new technologies into your business means that it is easier to devise new, innovative ways of producing products. To ensure a smooth transition between past and future strategies, it is critical that you develop guidelines and create clear timeframes for change. 

Information sharing and support

Merging IT and business allows you to share resources and information between different sections of your company. Different areas of the business can access common resources and keep up to date with developments that may affect their work. Information sharing also creates more streamlined processes for those involved in a project. It reduces waste and clutter, saves time and makes a wide range of data readily accessible to those who need it.

Integrating IT into your business strategy also involves merging IT support and business support. Adopting a holistic system of support can help both your customers and employees solve their immediate problems. This in turn eliminates a lot of headaches and builds a solid foundation for the business to move forward and take on new risks with confidence.  

Management and employee engagement

Employee participation and engagement can be a stumbling block for a business going through significant structural changes. To help smooth out the process, it is vital that your business and IT strategies are integrated, implemented and enforced throughout the change process. 

This means having in place a governance strategy aimed at training, providing support and opportunities for collaboration. Similarly, your IT strategy should provide you with the right tools to support the business goals you set for company. With a holistic approach to the use of IT, you can better manage your business and achieve your goals for the upcoming year.  

A collaborative team-oriented approach

Ultimately, integrating your business and IT strategies is about helping your business attain its overall goal - its success and profitability. Having the right IT strategy in place can help you create faster, more efficient business processes and a more collaborative culture. 

Merging your business and IT solutions means that you get the most out of new technologies for your business, such as cloud computing and mobile access. These technologies can reduce the cost of extra equipment, maximise the use you get out of existing resources, and avoid duplication of processes and work. At the end of the day, merging IT solutions into your business plans is about better managing your time, money and  personnel. 

Looking ahead 

Initiating change in your IT infrastructure and business strategy can be a difficult process. When you are considering merging your business and IT strategies, it is important that you set clear goals and expectations about what you are aiming to achieve for your company. Having the right people available to assist you and provide you with the support you need can make the whole process effortless. 

Contact us today for more information on how you can integrate IT strategies into your business plans. 

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Why you should invest in software for your equipment safety

With tough economic times behind us, companies are starting to move forward by investing in safety and loss prevention. Rental software is increasingly used by many industries as a safety tool for their inventory and security. This is particularly evident for companies with high value equipment. 

Why should you take precautions against theft

For a lot of businesses in the construction, manufacturing, oil and gas industries, heavy equipment are among their most valuable and indispensable assets. Machinery and equipment are expensive, often hard to purchase but essential to the smooth operation of the business. Unfortunately, this also makes them prime targets for theft and vandalism.

Theft and vandalism cost businesses nearly $1 billion dollars a year in locating, repairing or replacing the missing or damaged equipment. They also cause delays and downtimes in operations, lower staff morale and raise insurance premiums.

Fortunately, the risk of theft and vandalism can be mitigated by raising awareness and checking whether your workplace has certain risk factors: 
  • Unsecured premises
  • Universal keys
  • Lack of security and safety mechanisms
  • Equipment left open and accessible
  • Bad record keeping and product identification 
If your business is at risk of theft and vandalism, it is important to fully consider the consequences for your operations if the risk was to eventuate. 

Grave consequences of theft

Theft and vandalism can have serious consequences for a company. First and foremost, there will be direct financial loss due to the loss or damage of valuable asset. This will directly impact on your profitability.

Second, a flow-on effect is the time loss associated with the lack of equipment. Often, the business will be forced into a period of downtime or delay due to the lack of effective tools and machinery for employees to do their job.

Third, workplace health and safety can often be compromised when a business lacks the necessary equipment for its operations. In an effort to make up for lost time or efficiencies, employees can often overlook certain details and safety obligations that are critical to a healthy workplace health and safety culture. 

To guarantee strong safety standards and prevent loss, you need the right software. Without the safeguards provided by the appropriate safety software set up, your business run the risk of fostering a lax attitude towards safety. This may result in security breaches, injuries, and increase the cost and time taken to remedy processes and make up for business losses.

A software solution to loss prevention 

Installing the right software to manage workplace security and risks can reduce and mitigate some of the consequences of theft and compromised workplace safety.

The right software solution should have the following safety features:
  • Safety inspections
  • Incident reporting
  • Preventative training
  • Hazard alerts and awareness
  • Corrective training

Having the right rental software in place means that your business would be able to access better security and surveillance, keep up-to-date with a record of what the equipment is onsite, in use or offsite. The right rental software should be able to provide you with real time status updates on your equipment so that valuable equipment is never left unattended and at risk of vandalism or theft.

With the right rental software, you can streamline processes to minimise injury, increase security and access safety mechanisms such as alarm systems and immediate mobile updates if things go astray outside business hours. Installing the right rental software can completely change the way you maintain and manage your equipment and workplace safety.

Getting the most out of your rental software

As businesses come back from a tough economy, there has never been a better time to invest in a rental software that revolutionalises the way you utilise and maintain your equipment and assets. This is particularly relevant for those in the construction industry, as the commercial and residential housing sectors continue to grow into 2014. Increasingly, rental software is becoming more functional and more integrated into the daily operations of businesses in many industries. As your business moves into the future, consider how you can get the most of out of your rental software to enhance business security, better manage your equipment and increase your business safety and security.

To find out more about inspHire’s rental software, contact us today. 

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Go mobile with your rental software

We live in a post-PC world. With the prevalence of smart phones and tablets in our daily lives and workplace, the traditional nine-to-five “desk job” has become less dominant. More and more, business is now done on-the-go, remotely, and outside normal business hours.

  • Has your business kept up with the changes in technology and increased your work mobility? 
  • Are you able to access your business 24/7, deal with issues or take advantage of opportunities anywhere and at any time?

The time has come for you to rethink your workplace environment, ditch the nine-to-five cubicles, and invest in a more mobile business.

Data access anywhere, at any time

We depend on data and information to operate a business, but the myriad of databases, search engines and tools out there often makes getting the right information for customers a herculean task in itself. Can you access your data anywhere at any time? Is it in a presentable form on all your devices, be it a computer, phone or tablet? Your rental should not only allow you to access data remotely on the go, but present it in a user-friendly format. 

More flexibility, better work/life balance

Being chained to an office desk on a sunny day is no guarantee for productivity. Desks and workstations create clutter, inhibit creativity, and often present unconscious barriers to communication between colleagues. Increasing office mobility allows workers the flexibility to move away from their desks, interact more with their colleagues and customers, and work from a place that they are comfortable in. Offering more workplace flexibility does not mean doing away with a traditional office environment altogether, but rather that your business adapts better to the opportunities offered by new technologies to different lifestyles. 

Profits on the go

A mobile software solution offers your business more data and information accessibility, as well as more flexibility to operate 24/7 from anywhere. This in turn increases the efficiency of your business and gives you the tools to generate profits on the go. 

State-of-the-art management solution

inspHire iX has set the standard for managing rental business information. inspHire iX understands that a mobile software solution is not just about being "mobile ready". Stay ahead of the game with ready access to customer information 24/7 from anywhere. inspHire’s user-friendly WebPortal keeps key rental information ready at your disposal at any time. inspHire iX is the one tool you need to help you become a leader in the rental industry. 

For more information about rental software solutions for your business, contact us

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sage Evolution Releases V6.82.67

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specialise in business software for hire, accounting, HR & payroll

As you may have been aware we have been testing the latest version of Sage Evolution over the last few weeks and are pleased to announce that this build is now available for customers. The latest build is
6.82.67 and sees many new features and enhancements that will benefit both existing and new sites.
What’s new in Sage Evolution Premium Version 6.82
New Service Manager Module to allow for managing service tasks and requests
New Version of BIC introducing features such as:

64 bit Compliancy

Brand new Templates for boardroom ready reporting

Distribution Instructions to offer more flexibility and control over report distribution

Reporting Trees for easier dimension based reporting
Mobility App enhancements including new Service Controller
Auto create PO from a SO range
Inventory Optimization Module (core)
Email enhancements when using SMTP
Enhancements to standard Inventory reports including Slow Movers, Levels and a new Report for Preferred Suppliers
For further information,
please don’t hesitate to contact
Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd

Office Address:
The Beaufort Centre
Level 1, Beaufort St
Perth WA 6000

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Toll Free: 1300 763 707
Ph: +61 8 9453 7400
Fax: +61 8 9453 7499
specialise in business software for hire, accounting, HR & payroll
Elev8 Australia is proud to announce a new product available for existing and prospective clients that will alter the way you monitor your business performance.
Introducing Elev8’s Dashboard Analytics
Elev8 is acquiring an OEM license to deliver dashboard analytics, custom configured to suit your requirements and business needs. A sample of what a dashboard might look like is in this email but this is only the tip off the iceberg!
Elev8’s analytics will allow graphical dashboards to be deployed to staff within your business, depicting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will be real time working from your existing Insphire or Sage Evolution data.
Staff that are allowed access to certain dashboards can be empowered to monitor performance indicators and be mindful at all times for the area they are responsible for. Each dashboards element is security controlled i.e. Tom can view Kalgoorlie depot data but not Perth, whilst Greg in Management can see all depot data, for example.

Deployment of Dashboards can be to workstations within the business and to external devices such as Android, IPhone, and IPad etc.
Elev8 Dashboard Analytics licensing is annual with a minimum 3 year advance purchase which includes unlimited users, installed on a single server (CPU), mobile and desktop deployment and a generic dashboard complete with 15 generic widgets ready for your use.
Price per annum is $2880 ex GST – Initial 3 year cost $8640 ex GST
You may have as many dashboards configured as you may require. Each dashboard contains elements or “widgets” which can be bar chart, line graph, cross-tab, pie chart, dials, heat graphs and more…. All of which have drill down to data, Google linking, drag and drop visual displays and much more…
Each custom “widget” you wish building costs onetime fee of only $400 ex GST.

Please Email to arrange a demo soon!
Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd

Office Address:
The Beaufort Centre
Level 1, Beaufort St
Perth WA 6000

Sunday, 16 June 2013

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Ph: +61 8 9453 7400
Fax: +61 8 9453 7499
specialise in business software for hire, accounting, HR & payroll

Scan sheet showing major changes in the 1.458 build
Stock planner updates Various enhancements have been made to the Stock Planner:
• An overview mode is provided and you can use a heat map to show stock levels.
• You can add hidden columns.
• You can see a bookings breakdown.
• You can make default settings.
• Cross-hire items can be included.
• Incoming depot transfers are now shown.
• A Contract view is provided.
• You can see the availability of an item in other depots.
• Options are provided to resolve shortages.
Day Book updates Various enhancements have been made to the Day Book:
• You can display delivery and collection instructions on tasks.
• Depot transfers are now included.
• You can order tasks within a vehicle run.
• You can create a run for all depot vehicles
• The weight of a vehicle run is displayed.
• You can specify whether contracts, sales orders, workshop jobs, and depot transfers appear in the Day Book.
• You can now configure the header details on a task.
• You now have to read the note for a delivery date change before the task is moved to the new date.
• A new system option allows you to specify when a collection task is created
• A new task has been added for a customer returning items.
• When a depot is changed on a contract, sales order, or workshop job, the task is automatically moved on the Day Book.
• You can hide the task time, set a Day Book printer, and set the auto-refresh interval.
• Day Book locking has been implemented.
• Other vehicle run options are provided.
Easy Hire/Easy Sale
Various enhancements have been made to the Easy Hire/Easy Sale options:
• You can add items on a Quick Picks tab.
• You can add supplementary charges.
• Custom fields are provided.
• An Options tab has been added.
• There are additional dates options.
• You can add and change item discount and insurance.
• Other contract details are provided.
Transferring contracts
between depots
New functionality allows you to change the hiring depot (delivering depot) on a contract and to transfer the contract to the selected depot.
Enhanced document
More flexibility is now provided for document archiving. A new menu option allows you to set up folder options and to specify the filenames you want to use for archived documents.
Contract revisions New functionality to create contract revisions has been added. Two revision suffixe are used to track changes to a contract header and to items on the contract.
Resolving shortages You can resolve a shortage by creating a depot transfer directly linked to the hire contract on which you have a shortage.
Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd

Office Address:
The Beaufort Centre
Level 1, Beaufort St
Perth WA 6000

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Elev8 Customise Software Using ISO9001 methodologies

The video below describes our development life cycle designed to provide our customers quality product with minimal fuss. Spend a few minutes to overview just how we accomplish this:

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Be Inspired to be InspHired!

Double dutch? perhaps - watch our video and to discover what we mean...

Call or contact us to find out more.

Monday, 29 April 2013

InspHire on Android

inspHire has long offered mobility solutions that link its successful Hire/Rental and Asset Management software to people on the go. InspHire are innovative and ground breaking when it comes to new technology. Mobility is no exception. 

Due to launch soon is the new , inspHire on Android.

This application will bring your staff new power and information at their finger tips where ever they might be. "Ill, get back to you on that...." will be a statement your customers will hear less of from your staff with the information they will be able to access on demand, anywhere anyplace
Key features include:
  • Complete delivery, exchange and collection signature capture and store this back into inspHire.
  • Take photos at On-Hire Off-Hire and then push jobs and instructions to the correct devices.
  • Send messages on the move to drivers and technicians, whether this is a delivery note, collection note, exchange or general instructions.
inspHire's interactive Business Intelligence Dashboards will quickly follow the new InspHire on Android, providing even more power in the field, for managers that will show key performance indicators, business performance data - all in graphical format to monitor things at a glance.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sage Evolution Accounting Software - Introduction Video

A picture is worth a thousand words - please watch.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Elev8 Australia’s inspHire Clients Double

Elev8 Australia’s inspHire Clients Double As They Celebrate 6 Years Being A Premier Hire & Rental Software Provider


Compared to last year, Elev8 Australia has seen their new client intake double for their leading inspHire software. As they enter their 6th year as the country’s foremost rental software provider, the company is poised to change the way Australian hire companies manage their fleets. ..Read more..

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Inpshire Corporate Version B5.029

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Ph: +61 8 9453 7400
Fax: +61 8 9453 7499
specialise in business software for hire, accounting, HR & payroll
Dear Client

New inspHire Corporate Edition Build (B5.029) is available for Insphire. Please contact Elev8 to upgrade today!
inspHire is dedicated to continual product development and B5.029 has many new exciting features and improvements to offer inspHire Corporate customers.

See below for just a few of the new features in B5.029:
  • Cross-hire enhancements and new contract layout
  • Configure contract header buttons
  • Staged invoicing
  • Push messaging for Mobile Working
  • New certificate and timesheet functionality 
  • New posting options 
Cross-hire enhancements and new contract layout
There are two updates here:
  • A new tabbed layout is used when adding hire items, sale items, group items, and cross-hire items to a contract. Also, fields are now more clearly laid out on an item’s Main tab as they are organised into sections.
  • Improvements have been made to the back-to-back process when cross-hiring and reselling items from hire contracts. When cross-hiring you can now see purchase order item rates and when reselling you can see the buy price; this allows you to see profit and loss figures on the back-to-back items. You can also now add supplier details to a delivery charge to include the charge on a purchase order raised from the contract.
Configure contract header buttons

You now have the ability to:
  • Configure which buttons are visible on the contract header screen.
  • Add off-hire options to the contract header screen. 
You configure the options using the new Parameters - System - Contract Screen Button Configuration option.
  • Buttons you can make visible are listed in the Available list.
  • Buttons currently visible are listed in the Visible list. (Note: Items, Print, Save, P/O, Cancel & Abandon buttons will always be visible on the contract header screen)
Staged Invoicing
New functionality in B5.029 allows you to agree a contract price with your customer and to create invoices for part payments at pre-defined stages during the lifecycle of the contract.

Note: To allow a user to do this, you need to set the new User can use staged invoicing user option.

For further information on how to set this up, please read through the Major New Features Document, located in inspHire's Customer Portal. 
Push messaging for Mobile Working
New functionality allows you to assign tasks to a Mobile Working user who can then carry out the tasks on a mobile device.
The tasks are to:
  • Get a customer’s signature on a Delivery Note (the Signatures - Delivery option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature on a Collection Note (the Signatures - Collection option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature on an Exchange Note (the Signatures - Exchange option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature to specify that a workshop job is complete (the Workshop - Complete option on a mobile device)
Allocate an item to a group booking:
  • On a hire contract (the Hire - Allocate option on a mobile device)
  • On a sales order (the Sale - Allocate option on a mobile device)
Note: To use this functionality, you need to be running version 2.5.3 of inspHire Mobile)
New certificate and timesheet functionality 

New functionality has been introduced into B5.029 for certificates and timesheets.
You will now have the ability to:
• Assign a certificate to:

-  An employee (the certificates an employee holds enabling the employee to operate a piece of equipment, perform a role, or work at a site).
-  An employee group (the certificates required to carry out a role, for example, to be a crane driver an employee must have crane driver certification).
-  A delivery address (for example, employees who want to work at a site must hold Health and Safety certificates and Dangerous Goods certificates).
-  A stock item and apply the certificate to an employee group (for example, you assign a certificate to crane and apply it to crane drivers. And so when you allocate a crane driver to a booking, the driver must have the crane certificate).
• Specify the default daily working hours for employees at a depot.
• For timesheeted items, specify:  
- A minimum number of hours that the item will be used for in a working day.
- Mobilisation and demobilisation periods. Mobilisation is the time required to set up the item at the start of the contract and is charged on the first customer timesheet, and demobilisation is the time required for disassembly at the end of the contract and can be added to any timesheet.
For information on the process of setting this up, please review the Major New Features Document in the Customer Portal. 
New Posting Options

Two new posting system options are now provided.
  • Do not allow deposit postings for cash
    If this option is set inspHire will not allow a user to take a deposit against an order (only payments will be allowed).
  • Perform grouped postings to Sage 
    This option applied only when linking to Sage Line 50. If this option is set, revenue on sales invoices is grouped by nominal code when a batch is posted to Sage Line 50. In this case, when you post a batch the new EOD Cash Nominal Breakdown report is printed showing the breakdown:
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