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New Inpshire Corporate Version B5.029

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Dear Client

New inspHire Corporate Edition Build (B5.029) is available for Insphire. Please contact Elev8 to upgrade today!
inspHire is dedicated to continual product development and B5.029 has many new exciting features and improvements to offer inspHire Corporate customers.

See below for just a few of the new features in B5.029:
  • Cross-hire enhancements and new contract layout
  • Configure contract header buttons
  • Staged invoicing
  • Push messaging for Mobile Working
  • New certificate and timesheet functionality 
  • New posting options 
Cross-hire enhancements and new contract layout
There are two updates here:
  • A new tabbed layout is used when adding hire items, sale items, group items, and cross-hire items to a contract. Also, fields are now more clearly laid out on an item’s Main tab as they are organised into sections.
  • Improvements have been made to the back-to-back process when cross-hiring and reselling items from hire contracts. When cross-hiring you can now see purchase order item rates and when reselling you can see the buy price; this allows you to see profit and loss figures on the back-to-back items. You can also now add supplier details to a delivery charge to include the charge on a purchase order raised from the contract.
Configure contract header buttons

You now have the ability to:
  • Configure which buttons are visible on the contract header screen.
  • Add off-hire options to the contract header screen. 
You configure the options using the new Parameters - System - Contract Screen Button Configuration option.
  • Buttons you can make visible are listed in the Available list.
  • Buttons currently visible are listed in the Visible list. (Note: Items, Print, Save, P/O, Cancel & Abandon buttons will always be visible on the contract header screen)
Staged Invoicing
New functionality in B5.029 allows you to agree a contract price with your customer and to create invoices for part payments at pre-defined stages during the lifecycle of the contract.

Note: To allow a user to do this, you need to set the new User can use staged invoicing user option.

For further information on how to set this up, please read through the Major New Features Document, located in inspHire's Customer Portal. 
Push messaging for Mobile Working
New functionality allows you to assign tasks to a Mobile Working user who can then carry out the tasks on a mobile device.
The tasks are to:
  • Get a customer’s signature on a Delivery Note (the Signatures - Delivery option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature on a Collection Note (the Signatures - Collection option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature on an Exchange Note (the Signatures - Exchange option on a mobile device)
  • Get a customer’s signature to specify that a workshop job is complete (the Workshop - Complete option on a mobile device)
Allocate an item to a group booking:
  • On a hire contract (the Hire - Allocate option on a mobile device)
  • On a sales order (the Sale - Allocate option on a mobile device)
Note: To use this functionality, you need to be running version 2.5.3 of inspHire Mobile)
New certificate and timesheet functionality 

New functionality has been introduced into B5.029 for certificates and timesheets.
You will now have the ability to:
• Assign a certificate to:

-  An employee (the certificates an employee holds enabling the employee to operate a piece of equipment, perform a role, or work at a site).
-  An employee group (the certificates required to carry out a role, for example, to be a crane driver an employee must have crane driver certification).
-  A delivery address (for example, employees who want to work at a site must hold Health and Safety certificates and Dangerous Goods certificates).
-  A stock item and apply the certificate to an employee group (for example, you assign a certificate to crane and apply it to crane drivers. And so when you allocate a crane driver to a booking, the driver must have the crane certificate).
• Specify the default daily working hours for employees at a depot.
• For timesheeted items, specify:  
- A minimum number of hours that the item will be used for in a working day.
- Mobilisation and demobilisation periods. Mobilisation is the time required to set up the item at the start of the contract and is charged on the first customer timesheet, and demobilisation is the time required for disassembly at the end of the contract and can be added to any timesheet.
For information on the process of setting this up, please review the Major New Features Document in the Customer Portal. 
New Posting Options

Two new posting system options are now provided.
  • Do not allow deposit postings for cash
    If this option is set inspHire will not allow a user to take a deposit against an order (only payments will be allowed).
  • Perform grouped postings to Sage 
    This option applied only when linking to Sage Line 50. If this option is set, revenue on sales invoices is grouped by nominal code when a batch is posted to Sage Line 50. In this case, when you post a batch the new EOD Cash Nominal Breakdown report is printed showing the breakdown:
Please contact Elev8 to upgrade today!
Insphire Corporate 5.029 release change log document
Insphire Corporate 5.029 release new features list
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