Monday, 29 April 2013

InspHire on Android

inspHire has long offered mobility solutions that link its successful Hire/Rental and Asset Management software to people on the go. InspHire are innovative and ground breaking when it comes to new technology. Mobility is no exception. 

Due to launch soon is the new , inspHire on Android.

This application will bring your staff new power and information at their finger tips where ever they might be. "Ill, get back to you on that...." will be a statement your customers will hear less of from your staff with the information they will be able to access on demand, anywhere anyplace
Key features include:
  • Complete delivery, exchange and collection signature capture and store this back into inspHire.
  • Take photos at On-Hire Off-Hire and then push jobs and instructions to the correct devices.
  • Send messages on the move to drivers and technicians, whether this is a delivery note, collection note, exchange or general instructions.
inspHire's interactive Business Intelligence Dashboards will quickly follow the new InspHire on Android, providing even more power in the field, for managers that will show key performance indicators, business performance data - all in graphical format to monitor things at a glance.

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