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Scan sheet showing major changes in the 1.458 build
Stock planner updates Various enhancements have been made to the Stock Planner:
• An overview mode is provided and you can use a heat map to show stock levels.
• You can add hidden columns.
• You can see a bookings breakdown.
• You can make default settings.
• Cross-hire items can be included.
• Incoming depot transfers are now shown.
• A Contract view is provided.
• You can see the availability of an item in other depots.
• Options are provided to resolve shortages.
Day Book updates Various enhancements have been made to the Day Book:
• You can display delivery and collection instructions on tasks.
• Depot transfers are now included.
• You can order tasks within a vehicle run.
• You can create a run for all depot vehicles
• The weight of a vehicle run is displayed.
• You can specify whether contracts, sales orders, workshop jobs, and depot transfers appear in the Day Book.
• You can now configure the header details on a task.
• You now have to read the note for a delivery date change before the task is moved to the new date.
• A new system option allows you to specify when a collection task is created
• A new task has been added for a customer returning items.
• When a depot is changed on a contract, sales order, or workshop job, the task is automatically moved on the Day Book.
• You can hide the task time, set a Day Book printer, and set the auto-refresh interval.
• Day Book locking has been implemented.
• Other vehicle run options are provided.
Easy Hire/Easy Sale
Various enhancements have been made to the Easy Hire/Easy Sale options:
• You can add items on a Quick Picks tab.
• You can add supplementary charges.
• Custom fields are provided.
• An Options tab has been added.
• There are additional dates options.
• You can add and change item discount and insurance.
• Other contract details are provided.
Transferring contracts
between depots
New functionality allows you to change the hiring depot (delivering depot) on a contract and to transfer the contract to the selected depot.
Enhanced document
More flexibility is now provided for document archiving. A new menu option allows you to set up folder options and to specify the filenames you want to use for archived documents.
Contract revisions New functionality to create contract revisions has been added. Two revision suffixe are used to track changes to a contract header and to items on the contract.
Resolving shortages You can resolve a shortage by creating a depot transfer directly linked to the hire contract on which you have a shortage.
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