Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Go mobile with your rental software

We live in a post-PC world. With the prevalence of smart phones and tablets in our daily lives and workplace, the traditional nine-to-five “desk job” has become less dominant. More and more, business is now done on-the-go, remotely, and outside normal business hours.

  • Has your business kept up with the changes in technology and increased your work mobility? 
  • Are you able to access your business 24/7, deal with issues or take advantage of opportunities anywhere and at any time?

The time has come for you to rethink your workplace environment, ditch the nine-to-five cubicles, and invest in a more mobile business.

Data access anywhere, at any time

We depend on data and information to operate a business, but the myriad of databases, search engines and tools out there often makes getting the right information for customers a herculean task in itself. Can you access your data anywhere at any time? Is it in a presentable form on all your devices, be it a computer, phone or tablet? Your rental should not only allow you to access data remotely on the go, but present it in a user-friendly format. 

More flexibility, better work/life balance

Being chained to an office desk on a sunny day is no guarantee for productivity. Desks and workstations create clutter, inhibit creativity, and often present unconscious barriers to communication between colleagues. Increasing office mobility allows workers the flexibility to move away from their desks, interact more with their colleagues and customers, and work from a place that they are comfortable in. Offering more workplace flexibility does not mean doing away with a traditional office environment altogether, but rather that your business adapts better to the opportunities offered by new technologies to different lifestyles. 

Profits on the go

A mobile software solution offers your business more data and information accessibility, as well as more flexibility to operate 24/7 from anywhere. This in turn increases the efficiency of your business and gives you the tools to generate profits on the go. 

State-of-the-art management solution

inspHire iX has set the standard for managing rental business information. inspHire iX understands that a mobile software solution is not just about being "mobile ready". Stay ahead of the game with ready access to customer information 24/7 from anywhere. inspHire’s user-friendly WebPortal keeps key rental information ready at your disposal at any time. inspHire iX is the one tool you need to help you become a leader in the rental industry. 

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