Monday, 23 December 2013

Don't be frustrated, be ready!

Workplace frustration can get to the best of us. When faced with a lack of sources, difficulty accessing critical information and inability to make effective searches, employees often become  frustrated. This in turn leads to a lack of engagement and low workplace productivity.

Providing your employees with the right tools to access the information and resources they need is absolutely essential to ensuring that your workforce remains high-performing and motivated. More importantly, having the right information allows your employees to unleash their creativity and strategic thinking, which can have a net benefit result for your business. 

Recent statistics show that nearly one third of employees consider that they do not have the right tools, resources and information to be able to successfully do their job. Put the right tools in your employees' hands today and help them contribute more to your company. There are a number of simple things you can do to avoid employee frustration. 

Tools for task completion

Your employees deserve easy, real-time access to data and analytics, anywhere and at any time. The ability to get remote access of company data can allow your employees to develop strategies, review and evaluate tactics and offer insights on your business. The right programs and software infrastructure provide the latest information relevant to your company, saving your employees both time and effort in conducting inefficient searches. The less time your employees waste trying to locate the right information, the more time they have to dedicate to productive tasks that profit your business. This results in higher performance, and can take away much of the frustration associated with the lack of information. 

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Bottom-up accountability

Frustration is contagious, and can spread throughout your organisation, causing workplace conflicts and health and safety hazards. Allow your employees to air their concerns and raise issues about what they consider to be lacking in their current work environment. Regardless of whether they are entry-level or part of senior management, each employee should be held accountable for their performance at work.

Providing the processes for employees to identify the source of their frustration can be a good opportunity for the business to remove some barriers to productivity and raise employee satisfaction. While many businesses face increasingly tight budgets, finding ways for your workforce to perform more productively is critical to your bottom line.

Honest conversations

Do not let annual performance reviews be the only time your employees communicate with management about their job. Developing appropriate and effective communication strategies across all levels of your company can lift employee engagement and help them realise and evaluate the role they play in the business. Management should continue to have regular and frank conversations with employees that clarify expectations, set goals and priorities, and address any concerns and issues raised by all parties. 

Achieve your employees' full potential by giving them the right tools and strategies in the first quarter o 2014. We have a range of software options by inspHire to  provide you with the latest and most relevant data for your business to succeed. Don't settle for an under-performing or equipped workforce. Empower your employees with intuitive 20/20 dashboards. 

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